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You can listen to the lesson replays as Podcasts!

IIENSTITU now allows following the lectures as audio files with the Podcast application. You will be able to listen to the replays of the live lessons you missed or want to watch again as a Podcast. This application is not only limited to lectures. With the Podcast application, you can follow the recordings of your live lectures or meetings in meeting as audio.

You can download the podcasts of the courses you take through the Institute to your computer or mobile phone.

You can access the live lectures and videos of the courses you have taken from your course page. From this area, recordings of live lectures are available as videos or podcasts. You can listen to the live lesson by clicking on the Podcast icon. If you wish, you can download the podcast of the course to your computer or mobile phone using the download icon. You can listen to the downloaded lecture anytime and anywhere, on the subway, on the bus, while working, or walking. 

What is a Podcast?

The podcast is a combination of the words for small capsule and broadcast. The term podcast was derived by combining the 'Pod' of iPod with the 'Cast' of Broadcast. It can be defined as recordings where you can listen to speech recordings on your portable devices. Podcast, the audio or media file received over the internet by downloading, is made on many topics such as humor, science, popular culture, and education. We can list the opportunities offered by podcasts as follows; 

It can be targeted: You can create niche content related to your topic. You can promote your specific target audience with Podcasts.
Measurable: You can view how many lessons can download the Podcasts you have prepared.
Controllable: Content belongs to the person or organization and can be controlled.
Flexible: You can get feedback from the podcast you create and post on your page. You can make changes to the content according to the comments.
Unlimited: It can be used anytime and anywhere over the internet.
Cheap: The cost is almost negligible.

What are the Benefits of Podcast Use?

Well-constructed and prepared podcasts effectively build lasting relationships with your customers, employees, and collaborators. The first Podcasts appeared in the 2000s. The increasing number of smartphones in use has become more critical.
The podcast allows for segmentation. 

Provides access to niche markets through specific targeting
Users can easily access Podcasts over the internet with their mobile devices or personal computers whenever and wherever they are convenient.
It can download podcasts to computers or mobile devices. Thus, you can listen to these broadcasts wherever you want without needing the internet.
Since it does not require much technical knowledge and equipment, you can easily prepare Podcasts.
It is portable and convenient.
It is an effective way for PR professionals to communicate with customers, employees, and investors.
Podcasts allow you to reach a wider audience at less cost
In a Podcast, content is delivered directly to you, the target audience, either verbally or via video.
Podcasts are much more intimate than reading an email or document.
They are convenient to access and easy to consume.
It is a time-efficient form of communication.
You can listen to Podcasts at work, at home, on the way to and from work, or while doing any other profession.
Podcasts are portable.
Listeners decide what they want to hear and when to listen to it.

Podcast World in Numbers?

This application, which is very common and helpful worldwide, is slowly becoming popular in Turkey. When you listen to podcasts, you can follow current events.

The first podcasts appeared in the 2000s.
The word podcast was first used by Ben Hammersley in the Guardian newspaper in 2004.
The country with the highest podcast usage is South Korea, with 53 percent.
The second country that uses the application the most is Spain with 39 percent.
In Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, this application's usage rate was 21 percent.
In 2019, Spotify invested 500 million dollars in the Podcast industry and acquired Media, Anchor, and Parcast companies.
According to research, the Podcast advertising pie doubled from 314 million dollars in 2017 to 650 million dollars in 2018.
Podcast's advertising pie increased to 885 million dollars in 2019.
Podcast advertising pie is estimated to reach 1.6 billion dollars in 2022.
The number of Podcasts on Apple Podcast has exceeded 1 million.
Apple hosts Podcasts in 175 countries and 100 different languages.
The number of content added to the Apple Podcast last month is around 100 thousand.
There are a total of 645 thousand 943 Podcasts on Spotify.
60 percent of Spotify Podcasts are in English, and 10 percent are in German. Turkish content is only 3.3 percent.
In March 2020, 34 thousand 768 English and 6 thousand 867 Turkish Podcasts were released.
According to a study conducted in the US, 26 percent of consumers spent more time on Podcasts during Covid19.
There are approximately 850 thousand active Podcast channels in the world.
30 million Podcasts have been broadcast around the world so far.
There are 2,300 Podcast publishers in Turkey. Only 17 percent of these, 393 of them, are Turkish channels. In our country, 825 tracks are broadcast in English, 226 in Spanish, 142 in German, and 120 in Portuguese.

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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