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Add certificates to your LinkedIn profile

Share your certificate with your unique certificate code on LinkedIn or your online resume. A unique link and success profile have been created for the certificate you add to your resume. Copy this URL and add it to your digital resume.

What is LinkedIn Certification?

It is an online profile area where you can add the certificates from lectures and seminars given by universities and many official institutions approved by the European Union. There are two ways to add credentials to your LinkedIn profile, paid and free. These documents are presented to you over the internet or as a result of one-on-one training. This document can get you started on your life's work. When we look at today's world, there is a situation where graduates from faculties such as Business Administration, Science, Literature, Communication Faculty, Social Sciences are unemployed despite having precious knowledge. Yet there are piles of information proliferating every day. So how do we easily access this information that is growing every minute? What needs to be done is get the full training in the minimum time. This is precisely why Istanbul Business Institute offers you certificate programs.

Education at IENSTITU

You must first create a session on this page, which you can easily find when searching for it in your search engine. The only thing you need to pay attention to when creating a session is the correct contact information and name. Because in case of mistake, the certificates you receive will be burned. When you come to the main page, click on the training button in the upper right. Here you will find classes separated into categories. After choosing the course that will help you in your field of interest or business life, it will be enough to press the start button.

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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